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Conference Call for Papers

TEACHING TRAVEL WRITING The Society for American Travel Writing seeks abstracts for a session on “Teaching Travel Writing” for the American Literature Association annual conference in Boston, Massachusetts, May 25-28, 2017. Please visit their blog at teaching-travel-writing

10 Writing Prompts from Islands are 4 Writers

Highlights from my place-writing  workshop on the Greek island of  Andros @ the Aegean Arts Circle Creative Writing Workshop   During our sessions, we explored islands and their meaning. Geographical islands and psychological ones. Islands as setting, protagonist, myth, and metaphor.…

Days 4 & 5 place writing workshop on andros

Day 4 Today was dedicated to reading aloud pieces of ongoing projects projects that the writers had brought with them, and addressing questions such as submitting to magazines, agents, and editors, query letters and how to write them, and a…