Research Methods in Tourism

Paul Brunt, Susan Horner, Natalie Semley (2017) Research Methods in Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management, Thousand Oaks, Sage.

I bought my copy on Amazon Kindle today.  Will keep posting more as I read. Please feel free to add your comments in the reply box below if you have your copy already…

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First comments on the Methods book: Already in an early chapter the book is proving to be very useful.  When final year undergraduates are working on their own honours research projects they often stall just after the literature review on the methodology issue.  This new book, I feel, clarifies this stage for undergraduates by asking them to reflect on what type of thinker they are themselves:

‘You do not have the same beliefs as a positivist. Instead, you believe that reality, as you know it, is constructed by social actors and people’s perception of reality. Consequently, you believe that individuals are different: they have different backgrounds which shape their interpretation of reality’ (Brunt, Horner & Semley 2017, 18 eBook page number).

 Towards the end of October each year, though, honours students in tourism should have an initial idea of the questions their research project is going to ask but then be switching back to a thorough reading and reviewing of the academic literature surrounding their initial idea.  One of my final year students this year is going to be researching travel writing. One of his methods of inquiry is to manage and write his own travel blog.  Please pop across and comment on his posts on WordPress here at