Way-tales or récits de voie in French

I am back from Nantes now and am beginning to make some sense of the voice recordings of my own and, more particularly of the French participants who walked the routes between the grammar school on the street Rue Marie-Anne du Boccage and Breton’s Parc de Procé in Nantes during my ERASMUS+ Mobility week with the Université of Nantes and La MCE. I have uploaded my own recording of the walk I took on the day immediately after the case participants on my server at this url for you to enjoy:

Click to listen to Way-tale now.

Strictly speaking my recording does not fit my full definition of archaeological topophonics since my aim is to find residents who know a street and a route in great detail and have strong memories of how it fits into, or was part of their lives, in much the same way as André Breton when he spoke of the Procé park in Nantes.  For me, this walk is still very new; my first time this way.

Also, just discovered the city-sound research lab at Nantes : L’UMR Ambiances, Architectures, Urbanités and their map of ambiances, exactly what Andy and I were trying to do in the Vicinity project! Please enjoy their cartophony at