Honours Project Research – Investigating culture and talent management

Jane Lo

Jane Lo – School of Tourism & Hospitality, Plymouth University

In Plymouth University, I studied International Hospitality Management with French and German and a placement year working in a 5 star luxury hotel. For my research project, I took interest in investigating the relationship between cultural diversity management and talent management within the hospitality industry in the UK.

The three main challenges about my research were searching for the suitable journal articles that could relate to my topic as no one has ever done such a research before. This led to the choice of research method I had chosen to be based on primary data. Secondly, it is a qualitative research method focused on using interviews to collect data which meant it would be time consuming. Finally, the theoretical analysis I used was the grounded theory so it was thought-provoking to come up with new theories to support my research.

Even though many challenges have occurred, the final result was extremely satisfying. Having to do a research project is not easy, but it expands an individual’s skills and knowledge towards the topic.  This research will no doubt be beneficial for your career in the future; at least I definitely gained a lot from it and I would ultimately aim to continue my research and hopefully publish an article from it. Make sure you spend a good amount of time in this dissertation, because it will earn you a good grade and a huge fulfillment as you have actually written a ‘book’. Enjoy your final year of university and make the most of it.

Jane Lo

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  1. 14th July 2016 at 15:26

    Jane – I am so pleased you have found time to share your experiences with our new Stage 3 Honours students. I hope to see you in September at the Graduation Ceremony. All the best for your career – Charlie

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