Days 4 & 5 place writing workshop on andros

Day 4
Today was dedicated to reading aloud pieces of ongoing projects projects that the writers had brought with them, and addressing questions such as submitting to magazines, agents, and editors, query letters and how to write them, and a general discussion of Young Adult Fiction. Some of the projects have just been completed, others are in the midway stage, and still others mere embryos conceived here in Andros, all offering very different perspectives.

Today’s assignment was inspired by the marvelous meals we have been enjoying at the hotel. So the assignment was: write about a (sea) food as a form of alien life or following MFK Fisher and her experience with oysters – link a gastronomic experience with a sexual one…

Day 5
Today’s concluding workshop opened with a reading and feedback of our recent pieces, and a last exercise with a prompt. We read the opening of the middle section of Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse, “Time Passes” describing the effect of time and the elements on the Ramsay’s vacation house by the sea while the family is absent for 20 years. Our exercise was — Write about a house or room from which you are(or the main occupant is) absent. As some of the writers were working on projects concerning childhood or family histories, this particular exercise helped generate some interesting pieces, unlocking some intriguing visual memories.
An aperitif opened the evening with a showing of Sergio Baldassarre’s short videos, followed by a fabulous dinner of vegetable croquettes with tzaziki, salad, and the most exquisite and lightest moussaka I had ever tasted, followed by strawberry sherbet fait maison.
The next morning it was sad to pack up our bags, give one last lingering look from our terrace looking out over the sea. then it was good bye to andros, as we boarded the ferry back to Rafina, on the ship the Theologos, whose name means The word of God. image