On Bonnefoy



‘Rather ivy, you would say, ‘the way it clings to the stones of this night: …
Face without roots… Rather this wind…’  Bonnefoy

With these narrative artefacts, fragmented and unfinished, Yves Bonnefoy begins to
show us a world without conclusion. His act of defiance towards the narrative
pressures inherent in both the French and English languages sets up a tension, even a
violence in this book of poems. – full article available on ResearchGate below…

But first a picture from Tours, birthplace of Bonnefoy…

Tours. #MesVacancesEnLoireAtlantique

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Mansfield, C (1993) ‘On Bonnefoy’ Foreword Literature Newsletter, Nottingham, East Midlands Arts. p.4. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/304703836_On_Bonnefoy