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This post is more of a channel check to let you know who we are and what is happening in the TKT Lab and here on Travels in Search of, and Travels with Charlie in Search of French.  First of all, though, a photo taken on campus at Plymouth which brought French right into the heart of the university last week, without going in search of it:


The Ecrithèque in Brittany, with whom we have formed strong links in teaching place writing since our student fieldwork in Quimper, have been invited to deliver writing workshops in a local college in France; Catherine, who leads the teaching has written a kind of manifesto for the end of 2015.


From Cyprus, our first guest or invited writer, the photographer Dr Carole Baker has now completed her tenth post to this Travel Writing blog.  It’s been a valuable learning experience for the ‘Travels in Search of’ editorial team, and we hope to find ways of continuing to invite or commission guest travel writers in the future.


Paul has begun contributing his mix of tourism knowledge theory and travel writing, which has been good for our visitor statistics.  And Tim has found a new book on travel writing pedagogy we which hope to hear more about on these pages soon.  Again, if you are a seasoned user of eserve and are looking for the links to the teaching resources in Tourism Management and in French Studies then here they are again, or please click on menu at the top of the screen.

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Baker, C. (2015) ‘Dog Blog’ in Brunt, P., Busby, G., Mansfield, C., and Wheeller, B. (2015) Travels in Search of, Plymouth, TKT [online] Available at [Accessed 27.11.15].

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The book that inspired the title of this blog

The book that inspired the title of this blog