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Do researchers discover destination knowledge or create it? This question has been at the heart of our discussions over the last four years and gradually, through conferences and meetings, travel writing has emerged as both a method of inquiry for us in tourism and area studies and as a professional practice for the synthesis of new knowledge, thanks, often, to the use of narrative. This travel writing blog, Travels in Search of is our discovery instrument and, we hope, a research practice that will yield new knowledge on place, destination image, visitor practices and tourism knowledge transfer.

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Brunt, P. (2015) ‘Hiring A Satisficing Car In Portugal’ in Brunt, P., Busby, G., Mansfield, C., and Wheeller, B. (2015) Travels in Search of, Plymouth, TKT [online] Available at [Accessed 27.11.15].

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Dr Charles Mansfield

Dr Charlie Mansfield at the launch

Professor Paul Brunt

Professor Paul Brunt

Dr Graham Busby

Dr Graham Busby

Professor Brian Wheeller

Professor Brian Wheeller at Breda

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  1. 11th October 2015 at 09:10

    Reflecting on the launch of Travels in Search Of, it is providing an opportunity to produce and publish travel writing rapidly. It is giving useful experience and feedback on the process and it is helping me in my larger research project on tourism destination image of the towns of the Loire Valley.

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